Sofia Vergara’s Diet and Workout Routine

sofia vergara diet workout

After recently I posted a pic of Kim Kardashian on my Instagram, a lot of you asked me to write more about celebs who are endomorph body type. So I listened and decided to write about the gorgeous Sofia Vergara. This woman has accomplished so muc...

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Hips and Outer Thigh Workout For Women

This hips and outer workout will help you slim down and tone your hips and thighs without adding bulkiness to your lower body. :) WATCH THE HIPS AND OUTER THIHG WORKOUT VIDEO  HOW TO COMPLETE THE CIRCUIT Do each exercise ...

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Dakota Johnson’s Diet and Workout Routine

dakota johnson diet workout routine

Have you guys seen Fifty Shades of Grey? I honestly believe that the movies would have been far less appealing if they’d chosen any actress other than Dakota Johnson. Dakota comes from a long line of actors—both her mother and father have so...

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